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Internal Company Team

DreamScape Development Group has compiled a team of qualified individuals that have been instrumental in the development of the Stadium concept in Las Vegas. Each member provides an important part of the overall requirements for a project of this nature.

Darrel Fritz

President and CEO. Over the past 25 years Mr. Fritz has been involved in the finance and development of many types of businesses including Native Americans. Mr. Fritz also owned and operated British Bank of Commerce, an off-shore Bank and Native Indian Alliance and a tribally chartered Insurance Company. His involvement includes the financing and development of financial plans, projects and strategies for developing Co-Generations plants, International Resorts, and real-estate developments. Mr. Fritz provides the energy and expertise needed to complete this project.

Christopher Melvin

Chief Financial Officer. Chris Melvin is a recognized leader in the field of sports finance and serverd as financial advisor to a number of professional sports franchises and as senior banker to a variety of clients in the construction of sports and recreational facilities such as the Arizona Cardinals, New York Yankees, Detroit Lions, Portland Trailblazers, America West Areana (Phoenix Suns), Bank One Ballpark (Arizona Diamondbacks), YankeeNets, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Hawks, Florida Marlins, Illinois Sports Facility Auth (Comiskey Park - Chicago White Sox), Arlington, TX (New Football Stadium - Cowboys) and many others. Mr Melvin received his undergraduate and law degrees from Villanova University and an LLM degree in Taxation from Georgetown University. Mr Melvin has also served as an expert witness for the NFL in a litigation case.

Eric Jones

Vice President of Facility Development. Immediately upon graduating from Texas A&M University in May 1982 Eric began his event industry career with the Astrodome in Houston, Texas.  This was the beginning of his 25 year career that features a broad range of event related experiences including facility management, event production, construction management, convention and visitor bureau sales, general contractor management and many years of self-employment. The thread of consistency throughout Eric’s career has been his involvement in “start-up” efforts.  Eric has fulfilled integral roles and responsibilities in the design, development, start-up and operations of over nine NEW event facilities including two NFL stadiums, four major convention centers and three performing arts theaters.  In addition, Eric also has experience in the start-up of new companies, divisions within companies and the expansion of companies.

John Mitchell

Vise President and Director of Marketing. As a sales manager for Eastman Kodak, Mr. Mitchell spent 15 years with the company building new product lines and managing several new offices. In 1982 he founded Starchannel Cable operating cable television into apartment communities. Continuing in the cable TV and low voltage electronics arena he co-founded MultiTechnology Services, an integrated telephone and cable television company providing multiple communications services to residents of multifamily communities. He went on to create a company that brings all the necessary electronic components together. Mr. Mitchell brings a variety of experience to the success of DreamScape.

Chuck Follie



Michele Jones


Brandon Willis

VP Marketing

Stew Jones

VP Sports Marketing

Heath Cowgill

VP Marketing

Glen Dulaine

VP Real estate

Allen Jacoby

VP Events production

Robert Kim

Senior Architect